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Somehow you’ve stumbled across my website dedicated to Meat City magazine, a DIY publication produced by myself and a small group of art and writing students in and around Detroit’s cultural center (Wayne State, College for Creative Studies) as well as a few regional and national contributors.

As one of the three original editors of the magazine I had put most of this material away 30 years ago and only recently rediscovered not only the magazines themselves but a large collection of photos, postcards, flyers and posters from the local art and music scene that I had saved from the time that I lived and worked in Detroit during the mid 1980’s to the early 1990’s.

As someone who designs and builds websites for others for a living I felt it was only fitting that I do something similar for some of the work that I care about. Hopefully this is just the start of publishing a unique collection of cool stuff that may not exist anywhere else.

Check back as more will be coming soon. I’m also interested from hearing from anyone that might have been associated with either Mike, Derek or myself back in the day. Enjoy – Kurt

Kurt Buesching

Designer & Webmaster