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About Meat City Magazine

The original idea for Meat City came from Michael Mikolowski who had previously self-published a magazine of art and poetry called “Mixed Media” featuring artists from both the local Detroit scene as well as those from Ann Arbor where Mike had attended school at the University of Michigan before moving back to Detroit to attend Wayne State University.

It was at Wayne State that he met Kurt Buesching, another art major who had just moved to an apartment in Detroit after a year of commuting from the suburbs and had been developing film and printing his own black and white photographs since high school in his parents laundry room.

It was shortly after that when they met Derek Miller, a writing student who had recently graduated from the Kensington School at Cranbrook. At the time that they met, all three were working at the now defunct Favor-Ruhl art supply store across from the Wayne State University and Center for Creative Studies (now College for Creative Studies) campus.

At various points the three of them were room mates and collaborators on several different projects, starting with the publication of Meat City #1 in 1987 and ending with the “Hung for Collaboration” exhibition at the Willis Gallery in Detroit in November, 1991.

The Artists
List of editors and contributors to Meat City.

The Shows
Postcards of exhibitions featuring the artists and writers.

Hung for Collaboration
Digital scans from the Willis Gallery show in 1991

Kurt Buesching, Derek Miller and Mike Mikolowski in 1990