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Hung for Collaboration

Willis Gallery – 11/1/91

Mike | Derek | Kurt

The work in this show encompasses creative endeavors by Mike Mikolowski, Kurt Buesching and Derek Miller. Images appear, recur, are re-worked, and arise in new forms by virtue of their having been placed in the context of this collaboration. The work is a synthesis on every level. Materials used include but are not limited to: burlap, canvas, acrylic, oil, ink, xerox and newsprint.

Kurt Buesching, Derek Miller and myself will be showing the resulting body of work from a collaboration begun during February of 1991. Interesting that this period has been one of nine months. Perhaps we shall give out cigars.

List of Works:

  1. Back
  2. Ray
  3. Untitled
  4. Hands and Fork
  5. Hang From Branches
  6. Vinyl Clad Windows
  7. Untitled
  8. Dangle
  9. In Accordance with Federal and State Codes
  10. Can’t Tell Who
  11. You Speak Good
  12. Untitled
  13. Dispute
  14. Consensus
  15. Ventilator
  16. But Now
  17. Industrial Park
  18. See Yard Man
  19. Last Ride
  20. Facts of Cold Daylight
  21. Ray and Elane
  22. Mardi Gras #1
  23. Mardi Gras #2
  24. Mardi Gras #3
  25. Adventure of the Manuscript Pages 1-15
  26. Christmas Story
  27. Preparation
  28. In the Pipes
  29. More Helicopters
  30. Garfield House
  31. Blackbirds

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Generally, Hung for Collaboration has been a process of balances, games and reconciliations between ourselves and our combination of writing, collage, photography and painting.

Here I will offer quick and perhaps incomplete bios concerning ourselves…

Kurt Buesching is a painter and photographer living in Chicago. He received his B.F.A. from Wayne State University in ’86. His work has been published in Mad Rhino, The Wayne Review and Meat City. He has shown work at the Broadway Gallery “A Call for Paint”, ’87 at the Detroit Artists Market, ’89 and had a one person show at the Union Street Gallery, ’90.

Derek Miller is a poet living in Detroit. He will finish his B.A. at Wayne State University by years end. He edited the Wayne Review, ’90. His writing has been published in Detroit ’89, Slideshow, Triage, Mad Rhino, Meat City and Hanging Loose. Hanging Loose Press has recently published a book collecting his work “Three New Poets, Miller, Reiter and Robbins” in ’91.

Michael Mikolowski, your humble servant, is a painter living in Detroit. He has attended too many schools. He edits Meat City magazine and directed the Union Street Gallery. His work has appeared upon the covers of Mr. Millers new book, Detroit ’89, The Alternative Press, Slideshow, Triage and the Wayne Review. He has shown at Trobar Gallery ’86, A Call for Paint ’87,  and twice at the Willis Gallery for Gang of Seventeen ’90, and All In It ’91.

Should you be interested in previewing a portion of the show I will hold open studio hours beginning Wed., Oct 16th through Mon., Oct. 21st from 3pm to 9pm. Simply stop by at your convenience as I do not keep a phone there.

It would be appreciated if you could post, publish or announce Hung for Collaboration, its opening at the Willis Gallery on Nov. 1st and the dates of its run (Nov.1st-Nov.22nd).

Thank You,

Michael Mikolowski
2170 E. Jefferson, #1001
Detroit, MI  48207

Derek Moreth Willis 01
Mike Willis 01
Mike Derek Willis 01
Mike Derek Willis 02